Volumicious provides a permanent solution to different hair problems experienced by men, women and children such as Receced hairline, slow growing hair, dandruff, thinning hair, bald patches.

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Start your hair journey today with Volumicious, a permanent solution to your hair problems


We are All About Our Roots

Volumicious is a hair product that provides a solution to different hair problems experienced by men, women and children. A hair product that grows, restores and maintains hair. It works on the roots of the hair to ensure the hair is healthy.



The Product Volumicious was founded in 2016 by the owner Zoey Mkabela after she lost her hair during pregnancy. The product was Inspired by her BSC Honours project which she did at the University of Stellenbosch which involved investigating a plant, that was eaten by pregnant sheep, resulting in the newborn lambs being born without fur. She found that there was an active compound that was responsible for this problem.

During her maternity leave, she began to research and investigate active compounds that are responsible, not for hair loss but hair growth. She found a significant amount of them and through a process of trial and error, she restored to use a different number of them and test them out to see their efficacy.

The results were remarkable. Zoey then launched the
results of her hair journey in July 2017 on social media and people were
interested and since then has been warmly welcomed by users
all over the country and has grown since its inception as the
product provides results.

Invest in your hair,
its the crown you
never take off.