It could be unwise to come back as a nostalgic player.

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So I returned to Runescape. I logged into the game and RS gold played through. I also bought a Guthix, Zam, and Sara set with the Treasure Trails money that I was a one-time Treasure Trails member. I've noticed the changes all over Single quests for F2P (that created quite a buzz at the time it was first launched, rofl), and Squeal OF Fortune (that created quite a stir here, RofL), and titles. I think the SOF is somewhat boring. The most valuable items are available for mems to be claimed, so it's unlikely that they'd put an old statuette (5m) in the rewards.

The question is what can we do? While I was actively playing I was a fan of the old-fashioned clan warfare in Wildy between the two clans. But, the majority of clans nowadays require active commitment or another form of activity.

I'm not sure if I'm able to commit to being an official leader of a clan within RS. With better offerings such as Guild Wars 2, it may be my main game. I'd enjoy being able to just join one side of a clan for a couple of games and log off however I'm not sure if that's possible.

I began this thread to get ways that one person could do to have fun regardless of whether he's not part of a clan. This sounds absurd, considering the MMO-tag suggests that you need other people to have fun. But I'm not sure. I can remember as a novice being awed at the sheer magnitude of the RS world.

Like the majority of gamers who are around, we're over the point of being able to grind for hours in a single skill. While achievements of skills are enjoyable if you're interested in this, I got bored with levelling up after I reached the level of 106. It was too much work to earn an increase of +1 on the level.

It could be unwise to come back as a nostalgic player. The usual response will be "If you don't like this game, then move to a different one and take it on." It's okay. But I didn't think it would be a bad idea if I came here and offered a few suggestions :o, who knows, I might have some fun after all.

Other info: I'm not likely to get mems anytime in the near future. I'm very poor (1k) after having purchased the 3 rare armour sets. However, I still like to wear it with pride :P. Str is highest at 95, Range in 60+, Magic at 72, and Range in 60plus. Good amount of food that I purchased for clan wars (mostly Tuna, a lot of uncooked Lobs), Explorers Ring 4 also came with free food.

I wouldn't want to dung if it weren't because of the cheap RuneScape gold duration it takes to get rid of a dung. has anything changed for dunging since, idk, 1.5 years ago? I also don't mind pretending I'm the gender I play in-game (which is clearly a male ~.~),) just for the joy of chatting with people.